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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Wild Rose Press Hauntings in the Garden collection

Ooooh...doesn't this look interesting?  I love witch stories! 
Let's check out Eliza March's new release.

Witch's Tattoo

Pride or power, lust or love, life or death. 

A young witch must find her soul mate and unite with him in order to defeat the dark forces gathering around her.

Release: October 13, 2014

The skirt she wore barely covered her sexy ass—like a black leather napkin filled with wicked delights. Damn, the witch looked hot enough to melt ice-forged steel. He tortured himself with the image of her wearing just the pendant and the boots—thigh high, black leather cut in lacy patterns, exposing her creamy skin...
The tips of her long black hair brushed her narrow waist the way it had the night he watched her in the scrying mirror. His fingers twitched with the desire to trace her plunging neckline. A neckline that bared her deep cleavage and the pendant.

Eliza shares an interesting tidbit about the book.

"While I was attending a workshop with WRP Publisher, Rhonda Penders, she mentioned needing a few Halloween short stories, I came up with Witch's Tattoo and pitched the concept off the top of my head, growing more enthusiastic as I spoke. Thankfully, she liked the idea, too. "
Link and contact info:
Buy link (The Wild Rose Press) http://tinyurl.com/m26vzcv




  1. Sounds like a great addition to the collection, thanks for sharing!

  2. A witch book!!!! I'm in!!! Thanks for the giveaway. Glad I could enter.---Rae

  3. Love this =) Can´t wait for my chance to read!
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Saturday!

  4. I love everything by Eliza March, and while this is tamer than her usually genre, it is a fabulous story!!

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