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Sunday, July 24, 2011

And time marches on...

Spring has come and gone, the dog days of summer are upon us and still my life seems to sway against my sitting down and writing.  I know you all have been through this. Been busy with an array of things lately. Day job demands are greater and grabbing overtime(these days we all need the extra dollars, don't we?).  Implicated an exercise program into my agenda for stress relief as well brain food and alertness.  Family life is always at the heart of matters, so...

Speaking of exercise, has anyone grabbed onto Zumba?  I am loving it! I love to dance so this program is right up my alley:) Like most people, I tend to become bored with diet and exercise programs but this one is fun.  I also change it up which keeps me interested. I add biking, walking, etc.  So far, it's working well for me.

Gonna head out and do some wicked weeding in a bit.  Whoa! Even my gardening has slacked.  Funny how we cycle through life.  Hot and heavy, cool off, then move full circle again. 

Writing?  It's coming in its on good time.  Festering, I am, conniving, scheming, projects in hand.



  1. Oh Zumba . . . I am addicted to it, completely and utterly.
    Love it. It's completely mad, fast, exhausting fun, but I always leave the studio smiling.

  2. Hey, Berni! Thanks for stopping by. I love it to, LOL but the day job took my Zumba time last week. Can't complain about OT though can I?

    Definitely feel like I've done something really good when I've completed a session.