A Prepublished Novel in the Process of Revisions and Rewrites

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Have you ever been caught in a quandry as to where you wanted to take your story?  The characters fall silent and no matter how you think, consider, review, study past events nothing seems to surface? Nothing just feels right?

You've got a beginning, some solid threads and ideas even some scenes written yet can't seem to move forward?

Well, it seems that's where I am and have been for some time now.

Frustrating yes!

But I am one who can not by any means force myself to write.  So I wait... and wait... Mull things over and try to be patient as I know that one of these days the muse will once again knock me upside the head and then I will be in the zone.

Point I am making?  I guess I am trying to say that when your writing seems to be at a standstill and you feel like perhaps you should toss in the towel. Don't!  I do speak from experience.  I once shelved a project for three years before I moved on. 

I sincerely hope that is not the case now but life does tend to toss us odd curves at times.  So... We'll see. I have several projects at different stages and hopefully inspiration will settle in and I'll tie at least some of them up real soon. Like this year would be good.

Until then, I will mull and consider and jot things down. Move on, I chant.  It will come...

Thanks for dropping by:)



  1. Hey Dayana,

    I can totally relate. Great advice to not give up on your writing when things don't "flow" the right way. It seems that eventually, with just the right spark, they will...

  2. Are we related?
    She will come, eventually, I promise.
    But in her own time.