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Friday, October 23, 2009

Some News! And a petition you don't want to miss. Help stop the Pirating of our work

Two weeks ago I was solicited via email and asked if I would like to write a Halloween story for the magazine to be published in Yareah Magazine, which is a bilingual electronic and print magazine! I researched and sent a inquiry back to be sure they were legit and low and behold, they are. I have a short Samhain piece coming out November 1st in the magazine titled "One Blessed Samhain." If anyone is interested in taking a look, you can go to http://www.yareah.com/ and download or purchase a print copy.

Next I wanted to mention something that I am strongly opposed to which is the pirating of ebooks and other forms of digital works and did a couple of blogs on the subject, if you remember. Well, Michelle Flagg brought this letter and petition to my attention and I'd like to bring it to yours. Thank you, Mickey!

Please visit http://www.copyrightalliance.org/letter/index.php?&thankyou and drop your vote in. Someone mentioned that you may receive a call for dollar contribution after signing the petition. Let's hope the signatures are valid without contribution.
Hope you are all doing well.

Oh and don't forget. I will post the question on Saturday, October 24 regarding my posted Free Read Contest, winner to receive a Halloween Goodie Bag. If you haven't checked out the details nor read my quirky little Halloween story, please visit www.romawolftales.com for details.



  1. Hi Dayana! Great little Halloween story. And I am so with you on the pirating of our work. Thanks for the link.

  2. Hi, Kaye. Thanks for stopping by and signing the letter.

    It's a big deal and we all need to be proactive.