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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Author Spotlight: Traci Hall, Author Young Adult Paranormal

Traci Hall is a friend and a fellow Florida Romance Writer member. I met Traci over three years ago when I wandered into the Super Saturday celebration our local RWA chapter, the FRW. At the time, she was President of our RWA Chapter and did a mighty fine job of it! The rest as they say is history.

Welcome, Traci. It’s so nice to have you here today.

Tell me about yourself. What makes you angry, happy, sad, snoopy dance?

I am simple I don’t like to be angry or sad, so I avoid those emotions at all cost. I smile whenever possible because my grandma said that frowning causes more wrinkles.

I have to tell you, I follow the same rule of thumb with frowning. I prefer less wrinkles, especially as that number climbs each year, therefore smiling lots is the only option!

So tell us, how many books have you written?

Over twenty.

Wow! That is quite an inventory. Are they all published?

Thank God, NO, lol. I wrote a book about a 19th century heroine who was raped by the local sheriff. She had a blind son, and an MIA dad who turns out to be the star of the traveling show just come into town. (hanging head)

Ho! Boy! Which brings to mind my next question How do you decide on a topic?

Usually something will ignite the creative spark and a title comes to mind, which then leads to theme and plot.

Hmm…so you title your works before you actually have written the story? Interesting. Titles are usually the hardest for me.

What works best to keep you focused and on track?

Duct tape my ass to the chair, and self-bribery of diet coke, sunflower seeds and Good and Plenty candy.

LOL Unique tactic and dangerous! Have you ever tried to get duct tape off of anything? My preferred bribery is chocolate―dark chocolate:)

Do you write to make money or for the love of writing?

I love money, don’t get me wrong, but so far writing has been a break-even affair. Book marks, travel expenses, and don’t get me started on an hourly wage:)

I hear you, Traci. Anyone who thinks writing/publication will gain the average newbie fortunes is delusional, LOL I write because I love to see my stories build on those blank pages.

Hourly wage? Did you say we should be charging an hourly wage?! *grin*

When was the first moment you felt comfortable saying, “I am a writer?”

I remember going to a Florida Romance Writers conference back in 2003, and I walked around wide-eyed at the way people talked about writing like it could be a business. I had no clue – about anything! One of the first things I learned from that conference was to take myself seriously – which meant practicing saying – before being published - “I am a writer”.

Oh, I do remember the wonder of that first meeting! You were the chapter president at the time and how great you were at it. You welcomed me like I was a long lost friend. We have a wonderful group at the FRW.

Thank you!!! You were so friendly that it was easy to be nice:)

What type of stories do you like to write and why?

I like writing stories about families, and about possibilities. I like action, and happy endings. Always happy endings!

Where do you write?

I have a very small house, so my ‘office’ is a corner of our bedroom. It works for me:) And my hubby knows better than to complain about the book piles and post it notes.

LOL I can definitely relate to that. Where do you go to think?

The beach – the inspiration comes in (prepare for bad joke) waves, lolol

LOL good one! Do you have an upcoming release?

Yes, Something Wiccan This Way Comes is the second book in my Rhiannon Godfrey series(the first being, Her Wiccan, Wiccan Ways) – Rhiannon Godfrey is a teenaged girl who has recently moved to a small town. Her parents are Wiccan, but she is still searching her heart for her spiritual path. She’s psychic, almost fifteen, and confused, lol, as only a teenager can be. I really love this girl *grins*

Where can we find your upcoming release?

Amazon.com is the easiest way to order, although Barnes and Noble and Books A Million carry it on their websites too.

When will it be available?

September 1st! Here’s the purchase link:
Something Wiccan This Way Comes

Sneak Peak:

What’s a girl to do when trouble finds her at every turn?
A Rhiannon Godfrey story.
Being different is nothing new for Rhiannon Godfrey. Neither is hiding who she really is to all but a select few. So far she’s managed to walk that line, but now someone is spreading rumors that the Godfreys’ New Age store is really a front for witchcraft, complete with cauldrons and eyes of newt.
The whole town is turning against them—even Rhee’s boyfriend is suspicious. Then there’s her ex-crush Matthew, who just showed up uninvited on her doorstep carrying a single suitcase—and a heavy secret.
Rhiannon tries to be good, she really does. But it’s hard when trouble pounces at every turn, and her unsuccessful spells seem to prove that science is the only path to enlightenment.
Hiding her gifts and running from confrontation is easier than standing up for what she believes in. But this time, there’s more at stake. And the possibility she may have to find the inner strength to banish one friend in order to save another.

More about Traci Hall:

Traci Hall writes young adult paranormal stories, and medieval paranormal romances. She is an active member of FRW, and she lives in Southern Florida with her family – you can contact her at traciella@aol.com or visit her websites at www.tracihall.com or www.traciehall.com

Thank you, Traci, for taking the time to join me today. I’ve really enjoyed talking with you. Wishing you well with you series and your newest release.

Thanks for having me – it’s been a blast! By the way, I will be drawing a name over the weekend from all visitors who’ve left comments for their choice of print or ebook copy of Something Wicked This Way Comes, so tune in on Monday for the winner.

Oooohhh, that sounds great, Traci. Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you all for joining us today. Don’t forget to check in here on Monday to find out who won Traci’s book.


  1. Good morning everybody!!! I am really psyched to be here at Dayana's - this is a great site. I will gladly answer questions, tell you secrets, or chit chat - the most intriguing commenter will get a book!

  2. What a great interview--and a beautiful website to hold it! Enjoyed hearing your insights, Traci. You paint such visual pictures with your words. No wonder you're such a talented writer!
    Enjoyed my visit. Thanks Dayana!

  3. Traci, you are such a hoot! I wonder if that duct tape really works. LOL.
    Dayana, great interview questions. It felt like I was listening into a live conversation between you two.
    Good job! ;0)

  4. Lyn, you know that I can strike up a conversation with a chair, lol - Dayana was a breeze

  5. Hi Kathleen - thanks for stopping by! That's me, the chick with the verbal paintbrush. Sounds so much nicer than the ole' lady with the mouth of a truck driver, lol

  6. Hey guys! Thanks for dropping by and thank you for the kudos on my first Author Spotlight segment. Traci you are a hoot!:) and welcome here anytime. Luv ya!


  7. Hello everyone. Great interview Traci. You are obviously awesome. However, just to make sure everyone is clear on the Duct tape issue.....It doesn't really come off so easy. Plus, once you peel it off of the chair, sticky stuff remains.

    Keep it up Traci - You are a great writer!

  8. Traci - your interview is Wiccan Cool!! :)

  9. You have such a good connection to the mind of a teenager. My niece is in love with this series!
    She's very interested in witches. I think she wishes she was one!
    Hey there was a time or two I wouldn't have minded being able to fling a spell or two. Now I'm lucky if I can think of a good comeback!
    Good luck Traci, you are on your way. Many sales to you my friend!!!!

    Great interview Dayana, You captured her youthful and bubbling personality!

  10. that was me Traci it posted as Miss for some reason> Good Luck!

    Mary Ricksen

  11. Mary! I've missed you - where have you been??? I don't care what you call yourself - I'm just glad you came by, lol

  12. Vonnie, nice play on words - Moonman - how do you come by your knowledge of duct tape?????

  13. Hi Traci -- I met you at RWA Nationals last year in a workshop you did with Rhonda Pollero. I won a signed copy of Love's Magic, and enjoyed it very much. It's been great learning more about you and your work.

    Dayana, great interview -- I'm looking forward to doing mine!


  14. Traci, you are such an inspiration to everyone. So talented and grounded at the same time. Great things are coming your way soon. I love this series and can't wait to read more of your books. Keep them coming!!! T.

  15. Ho Boy~

    Traci, I am so sorry. I inadvertantly listed Something Wiccan This Way Comes wrong on the buy link. Please forgive my typo. I do know the title of your book and I have corrected. *Hangs head in shame*

    I say 100 lashes with a broomstick should suffice... *scampers off into the shadows*


  16. Hi Traci, I love the titles of your books. Haven't had Good and Plenty candies in years! Brought me back to my YA days. Your series sounds great. Best of luck with it.
    I like the duct tape idea. It could work. Anyway, I enjoyed meeting you.


  17. And here I've always used the expression, "BIC-HOK": butt in chair, hands on keyboard. Duct tape is a whole new approach.

    :) Carol

  18. Yes, ouch on the duct tape, lol! I use dark chocolate raisinets or trail mix for self-bribery. Isn't it odd that we have to coax ourselves to do something we love so much? What's up with that? Is there a psychologist in the house? :-)

  19. Something Wiccan This Way Cometh sounds fascinating. And I really enjoyed the interview. Both of you have a great sense of humor.

  20. Dayana!!!! Totally okay, - walk away from the broom, darlin'! After a weekend in new orleans, I don't need to see another flagellation tool ;)

  21. Hi Helen! I am so glad that you liked Love's Magic - woot, woot :) I am going to RT and RWA both next year - I will look for you!

  22. Mickey, Carol and Allison - now we can all buy duct tape in various colors. If we get bored, or we are looking for a way to not write, we can create purses, shoes or even clothes from the duct tape...I personally prefer the original silver, but orange is pretty cool, lol

  23. Nightingale - thank you for coming! I like the series a lot, it's been fun to write and the research is illuminating

  24. Sorry I missed this... Hi Traci, nice to meet you. Awesome interview. Dayana is always a great hostess, so I'm sure this was easy for ya.

  25. Hi Catherine - Dayana is very easy to talk to!

  26. Okay - I misunderstood the picking process, lol - I chose Miss Mary for the free book because her neice is my fan hahahaha. Can't beat a young reader who wishes she was a witch!

    Thanks everyone for your comments, and Mary, could you please contact me at traciella@aol.com?