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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good News! No wait...

Excellent, awesome...

Four and a half books!!!

Ohmigod, I am dancing in the clouds at the moment! I just received my second review on Curse of the Marhime, and I am beyond words.

Please check it out at The Long and Short Review.

Also, I had been invited to be the 'Spotlight Author' this week at LASR, as well. Wow! What timing!


I'll calm down now and stop yelling in your face.


But I have to share something of which some of you may be able to relate. I was on pins and needles for the last couple of months anticipating the promo and reviews that my publishing house, The Wild Rose Press, does for all its releases. Also, something I'd never experienced previously. I kept looking, with trepidation, for the reviews having no clue how it worked or when they would be up. Then the fact that, like I'm sure most authors feel, I didn't know how Curse would be received. I felt like the actors on the old Broadway plays awaiting the reveiws to see if they still had a curtain call the next night.

Don't get me wrong, I love my characters and this fresh start at a new paranormal series. But the object is for the readers to fall in love with your characters and get effortlessly lost within the story. A book is an adventure, an escape from reality. A wonderful trip into fantasy and allure. From the reviews, it seems that maybe I have succeeded in doing that with this book.

I've also gotten some reader feedback, which I am loving, and I have to tell you it is definitely giving me wonderful fodder for the next books. I had lots of fun writing Curse and am really looking forward to many more great adventures with these characters, in fact, Book II is in the beginning stages, so please keep those comments coming because I love hearing them.


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  1. I can feel how excited you are. And I am just thrilled for you. I know how it feels, cause I am holding my breath right now.
    You are an excellent writer Dayana and I expected this response.
    Yippee!!! I know how you needed this to brighten up life. Well the neon lights are blazing!