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Monday, June 23, 2008

It's done!

Curse of the Marhime is a done deal! I put the finishing touches, made all the corrections, looked it over once...
make that several more times before I finally said enough is enough! And with quivering, hesitant fingers, I attached the file containing my final galley proof and pushed the send button before my brain could manage another delay signal.

Such is the life of an author. I don't know about you, but I am never satisfied. I could proof the manuscript again and again, making changes each time until...

Well, you get the message. I'd never let it go.

Now I move on to the planning of marketing and publicity of my book while I await my release date.

First thing I've done, as you all know, is create this blog. My hopes are my blog and existing website will generate hits and interest. My goal is to establish an internet presense, very important in today's cyber-friendly environment.

I have also requested membership to several author and reader groups so I can gain a following and aid other authors to do the same. It's a big world out there but a small circle, so to speak. You never know who you will rub elbows, and a good motto to live by is "pay it forward."

More on my marketing plans in future posts, but stay tuned because I will talk about creating a book trailer in my next blog session. To sample Curse of the Marhime's trailer, please scroll down to my "Introduction" post. I'll discuss exactly how it was created.

Thanks for stopping by:)

See you soon...

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